Spiritual Speculation- Spirituality and society

A number of buffalos gathered on the banks of the river. Some of them were drinking water. Some were grazing. A leopard jumped from a bush and all the buffalos dispersed in fear. The leopard targeted a buffalo and was chasing it. Another buffalo from the herd came and attacked the leopard. The leopard fell down. All the buffalos in the herd followed suit and started attacking leopard with their horns. The leopard gathered it’s wits and ran away quickly.


Man was initially part of the nature. Like animals he was mating with in blood relatives and parents and kids. As his memory and consciousness developed he remembered his maternal feelings while raising his kids. He could not overcome those maternal feelings later and that was the beginning of familial relations. Society was formed from the nature and it’s culture separated man from nature. Slowly the modernity has set in and now man is being separated from society into an individual. How is the mystical experience of a person useful to the collective good of a society? If the mystical experience could not make a man’s character flawless (What qualifies for a flaw is a different question) it is of not much use to the society. The mystical experience can not give food to a hungry man. If a person is flawless then it does not matter if the society is capitalistic or socialistic. But that is not the reality. So political leaders have to still struggle to bring up a social model, assuming man is not perfect. The social leaders like reformers should still try to create the education system that keeps on rectifying the flaws in a man. But if the fundamental selfish nature of a man is not changed (might be due to some random mutation), whatever the system be, it is susceptible to collapse. How should a man take the mystic experiences.? I think despite the existence of the experiences he should continue to perform his duties. That is what Bhagavad-Gita says.The pupose of life is to live it in the context handed over to us.

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