Spiritual Speculation-Physical Time, Mental Time

That’s a volcano. It’s tip is a concave plateau. When it explodes, the lava jumps forth from its tip and washes everything on its path along with it. First it touches the rocks near the tip. Then burns the trees and uproots them. There are some habitations at the foot of the mountain. The houses are decimated and carried away by the lava.Theanimals are dead in a minute and carried away by the force of the emissions. It is impossible to reverse the direction of the lava and make it return back to the mouth of the volcano. There is a sea at the side of the volcano. The lava goes into the sea and cools down forming rocks and emitting fumes

The philosophy lecturer was elaborating about time in my graduation class.

He was like a river on spate.

“consciousness is like the circular beam of a torch in a dark room. It lightens up the things in the room that it falls on. The objects around the circular beam are also shown in a dim light. It is like subconsciousness. The things consciousness selects to highlight depend on the nature of the self or ‘I’ and the external stimuli. The nature of the self is explained largely by the physical and psycological needs.
The self, which is is bundle of recorded images is able to look at the world and itself through consciousness. It divides the incidents happening before the contact of the consciousness with the world as “past”, during the duration as present, and after the duration as future. In this way, the past, present and future are created by the self. So, mental time if created by the self or thought.

Simultaneously there exists the physical time made of the sequence of events since the Universe was created either due to big bang or due to some other reason. All the objects of the universe, including humans float in this stream called “Physical Time”. The human individual consciousness, being part of the brain also floats in this physical time. Physical time is insurmountable and unidirectional. It always flows in one direction. It’s direction can’t be reversed. A person can’t go to the time of Moses, for he can’t exist both now and in the times of Moses.

There exists a theory proposing the entire universe in an expression or form of a universal consciousness. The individual conscious ness is like the sound played by the radio of the white noise that exists everywhere in the universe. The entire universe is like the AV/TV button. You press it once, you see the expressed side of the cosmic consciousness, that is the physical world. You press it again you see it in it’s unexpressed form, like the viewer sees the blank screen of the TV. Only some mystics have access to this unexpressed form of  the consciousness. More about that later.”

…to continue

ఓ అమెరికా వాడి రైలు బండి

ఒక ఆంధ్ర సాఫ్ట్ వేర్ ఇంజినీర్ కథ


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Speculation-Physical Time, Mental Time

  1. some where i read about time travel,
    if we can travel at a speed faster than that of light and start our journey towards a star that used to exist before present,(we can see many star’s emission of light which have already vanished !! just because they are so far away their light takes that much time to reach us)and what we ll be able to see on the earth after reaching the star with a high capacity telescope?the past!!!
    (just wanted to share it with you sir.)


    1. Thank you. I am aware of this. But it is just a matter of seeing the past. Not “being” in the past and present at the same place. What I am saying is, vijayawada might have been ruled by Satavaahana’s hundreds of years back. I can’t be in Vijayawada now, and in satavahana’s period simultaneously.



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