Spiritual Speculation- Supernatural powers

The paddy fields are vast. They are dotted on the peripheries with Palmyra trees and Casuarina. It is a scorching summer. But the kids know no summer. It’s a vacation time for them.Ignoring the reproaches from their parents they have started into the fields. One of them knows climbing the Palmyra trees. They zero in on a Palmyra tree. They debate if the tender Palmyra will be worthy of eating since they looked a bit off-color. He climbs and cut the bunches of Palmyras. They fall all around. The children feast on the kernels of the tender Palmyras and then move on to the next tree.Now they almost know about the quality of the tender Palmyras on this tree.


Many people including spiritual men are said to posses supernatural powers. According to Ko.Ku a Telugu writer, the ancient men used to posses these powers. But as man’s thinking power developed, these supernatural powers became defunct. So these powers were all natural once upon a time. Because of the current context, they look supernatural. Some of these powers are harmless. The spiritual healing, magnetic attraction are some harmless powers. Some are potentially harmful if they fall into the hands of selfish people. If a person knows future, assume a stock speculator using his powers to manipulate the market. Similarly reading other’s thoughts could be dangerous. But these powers seem not in control of the persons who posses them. Now they show these powers and tomorrow the powers are gone. If the person who possesses these powers is selfish, they pose danger to the world. The fact that “so far no such danger has materialized” indicates that either these powers are not in control of the person in which they exist or they materialize only in selfless saintly people. One can only get what is there in this world. So, these powers need not be mystified and should not be connected to the heavenly things. Scientists should investigate and find out the reasons behind these powers with open mind. Mystical philosophers make sweeping statements about the nature of thought and self. The statements of many such people look ridiculous in the light of subsequent scientific findings. God is there in details. So scientists and academic philosophers should collaborate and conduct experiments that go into the nitty-gritty of the claims and statements of spiritual men. All thought in not junk. If we think about our understanding about the nature before scientific and physical discoveries, the picture becomes clear.Despite all it’s shortcomings of being just in the realm of ideas, research in physics has resulted in better understanding of the world around us.

…to continue

ఓ అమెరికా వాడి రైలు బండి

ఒక ఆంధ్ర సాఫ్ట్ వేర్ ఇంజినీర్ కథ


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Speculation- Supernatural powers”

  1. imo, none of it is a hoax. However there are many who want him silenced or dead because he is a threat to their lies, hence 21 assassination attempts.

    And there has been falsifications/alterations of his photos & writings, as well as stolen evidence, in an attempt to call him a hoaxer.


    some translated writings in english



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