Spiritual speculation- Natural,Artificial and Time

What is natural and what is unnatural? According to a theory, everything made by man is unnatural. Man being a product of nature, how can man-made objects be unnatural. But at the same time, if we think the deeds of man as natural, everything made by man including nuclear bomb, robots and rockets become natural.

Man does some natural actions like eating , sex etc. They are instinct driven. But some of his actions are driven by his higher self. His so-called free will takes action.Probably, the actions of man where deliberate thought process is involved,could be considered as artificial.
Is there something unknowable to man? Could the man know the cause of everything in the universe at all times and places.

Could he discover all the laws required to predict all the events in the universe always, past,present and future?

Suppose a closed container containing ten oxygen atoms and nothing else. By knowing the “velocity and direction of the atoms,the temperature of the chamber”, and by knowing the kinetic/thermodynamic laws that guide the atoms, one will be able to predict the position of the all the ten oxygen atoms at a given time.

In a similar fashion by knowing the causes,effects and all the laws governing the universe, will man be able to predict thefuture of the universe. In such a situation will man, by the cause and effect analysis, not be able to predict future,the thoughts in the minds of men in future? By knowing all causes in the universe,and then by doing a cause and effect analysis,at a higher plane he will know the future inventions to be made by future scientists at a lower level.This obviates the need for scientific inquiry by scientists at a lower level.

By knowing all the causes and effects in the universe man may be able to predict the future. But he will not be able to walk into future and be in future. He and his world is carried in a stream called time.

If we see at a microscopic subatomic level effect can never be separated from cause. Cause and effect are two sides of the same coin. Extending this logic to the universe and thinking the universe as a chain of causes and effects, all the chain of actions in the universe are not separate. They are one and the same.

Consider a film. If the role is played in the projector, the events in the movie are played in sequence.If the film role is reversed, the sequence of movie events will be reversed. If we take the film out from the projector and cut it into multiple parts and put them side by side in a room, then the sequence is lost. We could see all the events in the movie at one instance.There’s no sequences and no time,no earlier, no later of the movie.Everything is there at the moment spread all over.Do mystics experience a similar thing when they say they have gone beyond time?, or when they say time has collapsed.

There’s a problem with the analogy. The entire world is in the film role called time. There’s nothing ouside the film role. So we are part of the film role. Being part of the film role called time we’ll never be able to see the other parts of the film rome at a single moment.

Is time like a train that always goes in one direction? Are we like passengers in the sensory world called train coach? Is our consciousness like the only window in the coach though which we see the scenery out side.What ever we could see through the window is the present? Is there a similar train running in the opposite direction? If a man jumps from one train to the opposite train will he be able to reach the station that he has already seen in the previous train. In how many directions do these trains run? Is it possible to stand on the nearby hill and at once have a panoramic view of all these trains and the scenery they are showing?

There are a few differences of time with train analogy.

In the case of time there’s nothing in this world that’s outside time. So the entire world should be inside the train coach.There is no scenary out there. So, there is no station to be returned back to. The station and outside of the train simply does not exist.

Man and his intellect are unimaginably minuscule part of this universe.He is one of the trillions and zillions of possibilities in the universe. He has come from the universe. Is it possible for him to grasp and control the entire universe from with in the universe? Man is not standing on a pedestal apart from the universe. He is part of the universe and his mental and physical faculties are results of some very tiny set of reactions inside the universe. The question here is “Can the hair of its tail eat the lion?”. To put it in another way, “Can the tail wag the dog?”

The end

ఓ అమెరికా వాడి రైలు బండి

ఒక ఆంధ్ర సాఫ్ట్ వేర్ ఇంజినీర్ కథ


11 thoughts on “Spiritual speculation- Natural,Artificial and Time”

  1. మీ వ్యాసాలు కొన్ని చదివాను చాలా బాగా రాశారు. మీరు ఎక్కడ ఉంటారు? యు.జి. గారిని ఎప్పుడైనా కలిసారా? మీకు వీలైతే ఒకసారి శ్రీరాం సర్ అని యుట్యుబ్ లో టైపు చేయండి. ఇతను హైదరాబాద్ లో ఉంటారు. పబ్లిసిటికి దూరంగా ఉంటారు. అతని పిలాసఫి చదివితే మీకు పూర్తిగా క్లారిటి వస్తుంది. ఎందుకంటే యు.జి. + శ్రీరాం సార్ = హిందు పిలాసఫి సమగ్ర సారాంశం.


  2. hi prasad,
    very good article,with full of orginal and creative thoughts, if u extended ur logic further u can think of the possibility of man making a computer, which can think like a man and do things like him…… reasoning, intution, decision making ………, but this is only partially possible or impossible.. if u have time u can read “emperors new mind” by roger penrose. it is nice book in which he proves that it is impossible to make such a machine… so God is clear what is natural and what is man made.


  3. Dear Sri Bondalapati, Namaskaaramulu.

    I read your articles written in English on Spiritual Speculation and found them interesting as both of our interests are one and the same. I do not know why you have selected English language as the medium for these articles. From your writings, I understand that you are a science/engineering student. Your articles are GOOD. Still, I amgoing through your articles in detail.

    Secondly, for each article on this subject, on the doubts/questions raised by you in your articles, by referring your questions/doubts ( translating them into simple questions in Telugu language ) as the BASE subject or as the First Para, I would like to write my WRITE-UPS , in the form of ANSWERS , in my BLOG ‘ meetho cheppaalanukunna” ( wordpress blog) . I have already published some articles on Spirituality( Aadhyaatmikam ) in my blog which you may read if time permits. For your full text of the article, I would like to give your BLOG LINK-URL , for the benefit of the readers.

    If you can give me your mail ID, I would like to send the first Write-up in Telugu, on Spiritual speculation-Natural, Artificial, Time. My Blog ID Link can be seen below.


    Yours friendly,
    P.Madhava Rao.



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